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The artist Sara Star


Painting sacred art of the gods, saints, altars and the forces of nature. Sara Star has been painting for 22 years.


Sara Star creations are made as "spirits craft" from dreams, visions and automatic arrangements bubbling up deep from the unconcious and concious soul of the divine. Spiritscraft is her love of the living world and universe through traditional art forms like oil painting, iconography, symbolism and impressionism.


Our Latest Blog Entry

September 6, 2022

On day 5 & 6, I completed the details on the skull, bottle and background. It is important to show your picture to a couple people to get their reaction. The shadow of the blue bottle was confusing because I had lost some of the transparency, it helped to see a viewer misunderstand the shadow to clue me in that it needed a few details from the background shapes showing through. 

Our Second Blog Entry

September 4, 2022

On Day 4 of the Strada Easel Challenge, I began working on painting flat color on the small 9 x 12 inch canvas over the monochrome first painting. I will need to complete this task on the other areas before continuing to more subtle details.

Skull still life set up

Our First Blog Entry

September 3, 2022

On day 3 of the Strada Easel September 30 days of painting or drawing from life, I set up a challenging still life for myself. This is the first of 4-5 layers of repainting and it is a value sketch and outline done in black and white monochrome.

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